Education & Health Camp for girls

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Manavata Yoga and medical camp at Amadabakula Kasturiba school. 400 hours 300 students.

Srini ji taught essential Yogic techniques for girls. as previous camps helped them a lot, students could get rid their health issues.

Yoga, diet & Homeopathy medicines which we have given last time for them cured most of the problems like anemia, anxiety, stomach ache, discharge issues, stomach ache etc. they fe.t so happy and continuing healthy practices and daily Yoga.

Jalanethi, Kapalabhati and other kriyas also practiced in this camp to make sure respiratory system and digestive system are cleansed.

Students learnt meditation for their daily practice. Srini ji asked them to do 10 minutes of daily early morning meditation, which can help them to become a successful and great in life.

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