Eye medical camp in Manavata ashram lolla

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A free ophthalmology camp was organized in Lolla village on Sunday. Ophthalmologist V. Raju conducted ophthalmology examinations at the local Vishwamanavata Ashram under the guidance of founder president of Vishwamana Vata Alluri Srinivasa Chaudhary. Also yoga guru Nagalakshmi explained about yoga therapy, homeopathy, Ayurveda and nature therapies. Also, homeopaths Veeranjaneyu, Satyanarayana and Sathyavani provided homeomedical services. 90 patients were given free homeopathic medicine.

Manavata Ashram, Lolla (20/8/2023):

Annasamaradhana (Organic lunch distribution to children and patients who has attended for today’s camp.

Everyone learnt about Sativic & Healthy food practically. every child also learnt about importance of food and not to waste food.

Salutations to Universal Humanitarian Organization Sri Alluri Srinivas Chowdary Sir 🙏🙏

20/8/2023 Today in Lolla village I com free eye tests Yoga drawing photos Bhagavadgita various programs were conducted for homeopathy students winning students medals and certificates

were given as a part of this program Srinivas sir’s homeopathy patients with students Health is great wealth if we maintain health we can conquer everything the responsibility to maintain health About eggs, especially the food we eat Crop is our cooking is very good for our health. Also, students were taught many good things to go ahead in all programs in their studies. Every moment he thinks about everyone with humanity and takes all precautions. Nowadays, there are very few people who promote goodness. We are very lucky to have such a great person in our Lolla village. All the world is sukhinobhavantu, Sarvejana is sukhinabhavantu🙏🙏

Humanavata Volunteers, Rayavaram

Manavata Ashram, children events, Gita Slokas competition, Vemana padyalu, drawing on Indian Independence theme.

47 slokas children recited without looking at book.

Manavata Samskara vidya leadership given to these children to share value education to others in their schools.

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