Flood Relief camps initiated in Cudalore district

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After recent need study of our volunteers, we have finalized some of the most impacted villages which needs immediate help.

Gopu and team has arranged medical camp for tomorrow for Vasapothur village. he has also made arrangements for medicines and van. rest of the material for distribution (like blankets) are also arriving to Chidambaram, Srini, Khalai, Jayanthi and other team members working on this. some of the volunteers are collecting blankets in different areas to send it by tomorrow.

Date and time of medical camp: 16th Dec 2015 10am to 5pm

Vasapathuru village:

Doctors: Dr. Diwakar + some more voluntary doctors + local volunteers

Other impacted villages which needs to medical camps and other relief, which we planned in next couple of days.

  1. Porapattu 750 houses / 250 houses got effected- kaliyamman kovil kalani- 70 family (crocodile), torch lights are required / blankets & mats, bleaching, mosquito coils, sybol,
  2. Vasapathur -162
  3. Vasaputhur – chithalapadi – 61 huts
  4. K. Alambadi -40 huts
  5. Vasaputhur 350+
  6. other villages

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