Go mathre namaha (… Gurumurthy Gunanidhi Gomatha Guha janmabhuhu)

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Gomatha is nothing but the Devi swaroopam In the Lalitha Sahasranama Devi is addressed “Go mathre namaha (… Gurumurthy Gunanidhi Gomatha Guha janmabhuhu). 🙏🙏

When I was doing gopuja this morning in Manavata goshala and chanting Lalitha Sahasranama, applying turmeric and kumum to all gomathas..

One of the gomatha came forward and took it, she was suffering with a rare disease for past 1 week.. not eating anything.. only taking water. but today after worship completed it to field along with other 60 gomathas from goshala. after going long distance, she sat under tree and left her body. we all surprised.. such a anayasamaranam (easy death).. life is temporary.. but before leaving body, remembering God is key.

Actually 4 years ago this gomatha was rescude from highway road side in Natavalli to protect her from vehicles.

Veterinary doctors tried their best to cure this rare problem… but it doesn’t mater whatever you try, once time is over, everyone have leave body.

I haven’t seen such disease to cow since my childhood.. I spoke to several senior veterinary doctors, but they couldn’t see such problem earlier.. this may be some kind of tumor..

We all prayer Lalitha Sahasranamam this evening for this gomatha,,

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