Happy Ganesh chaturdhi

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Happy Ganesh chaturdhi

save earth.. be healthy.. Naturally celebrated Ganesh chaturdhi in Manavata UFH gurukul. Made big clay/gomaya Ganesh idol in 1 hour time.. child learnt Sipla kala during this process, though they all surprised and inspired..

in one our time natural shade / hut (Pandiri) made with coconut leaves. they learnt lot of skills during this process.. eco-friendly living.. prepared food / prasadams in one hour (hardhi, payasam, kudumulu, vundrallu, pulihora, senagalu, dhal, green chutney, brown rice).. kids learnt healthy cooking..
did puja in 1 hour along the complete explanation of process including story.. kids understood value of mother, father, guru & God. they got inspired so much with Ganesh stories & bhajans.
they all did pustakapuja then swadhyaya.. gita study & Ramayana Sundarakanda story..
they learnt most important thing.. team work for greater cause!

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