health and yoga camp at Borabanda

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Identifying the need for motivation among teachers and staff, as well as the importance of regular follow-ups and training, reflects a commitment to sustainable positive change. Organizing teachers’ training to equip them with the right techniques for effective student support is a proactive step towards enhancing the overall educational environment.
The initiative taken by Manavata in collaboration with dedicated volunteers showcases the potential for positive impact through community-driven efforts in the field of health and education. It’s clear that these efforts go beyond immediate medical assistance, aiming to create lasting positive changes in the lives of the students and the school community.
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Manavata health and yoga camp at Telangana Girls Gurukul Patashala in Borabanda, Hyderabad: 12/2/2024: The combination of yoga sessions and medical camps reflects a holistic approach to promoting the well-being of the students.
The morning yoga sessions, aimed at inspiring students towards sadhana (spiritual practice), healthy living, higher consciousness, and humanity, contribute to their overall physical and mental development. Srinivas garu has given a wonderful motivation and positive spirit to students to bring their inner spiritual strength.
The medical camp from 7 am to 11 am addresses specific health issues faced by the students, such as skin allergies, anemia, iron deficiency, headaches, weakness, and menstrual issues. The personalized approach of treating each child individually and providing homeopathy medicines, along with one-on-one counseling, reflects a commitment to comprehensive healthcare.
The active volunteering and service of individuals like Sri Manikyarao garu, Dr. Usha, and Vinod are commendable. Their contributions, including discussions with school management on water sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition, demonstrate a holistic approach to improving the overall health and well-being of the students.

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