Healthy , Happy & Harmonious Family

Manavata has established with the universal principles to bring in practice of human values in everyone life to achieve universal brotherhood and peace. Its been spreading the message of humanity and it’s 3H mission across the globe starting from inception of Manavata by Srinivasa Alluri since 1991 from a small village in Andhrapradesh. Manavata has moulded as a plat for many selfless leaders, volunteers and voluntary organisations as a common platform to work together. Manavata believes that humanity and peace can be established in the world by making human mind calm Practice of Yoga as a life style. Yoga principles are basic human values which everyone must practice as moral / code of ethics for human life.

To achieve this goal, Manavata has been promoting Yoga as a life style (Jeevan Yoga) for healthy, happy and harmonious living with core values and ethics. Encourages people to grow food naturally, live eco-friendly without harming any beings or nature and with honesty and non-violence in every part of life.