Healthy living camp in mamidada

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With the support of Vishwa Manavata Sanstha, President Sri Alluri Srinivasa Choudhary garu orchestrated impactful programs in Mamidada village. These initiatives included vital yoga and personality development training for students, fostering holistic growth. Additionally, an awareness drive promoting healthy living was tailored for adults, contributing to the community’s well-being.

Nagalakshmi from Hyderabad, a seasoned yoga therapist, played a pivotal role. She delivered transformative yoga therapy training to divyanga (differently-abled) children at the Bhavita School. This collaborative effort encapsulated Vishwa Manavata Sanstha’s commitment to holistic development and compassionate outreach.

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25.02.2024..Lolla Manavata Homoeopathy Health center time 9 4

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