Key milestones in Manavata’s journey

  • Founded at Lolla, East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh, India in 1991 by Srinivasa Alluri
  • Launched self employment project to empower under privileged in Hyderabad in 1997
  • Started online Blood donation website in 2000 and expanded blood donation services to different regions
  • Expanded to Singapore and Asia Pacific regions in 2001
  • UK chapter started in 2003, US Chapter in 2004
  • Manavata Ashram started in Lolla for orphan children in 2005
  • Launched Charity Together and Charity At Home programs and started a disabled home and blind school in Ramachandrapuram, Andhra Pradesh in 2006
  • Started Manavata Ashram in Hyderabad along with a Dumb and Deaf school in Srikakulam in 2008
  • Old Age Support and Homeopathy dispensary started in 2009
  • Austria chapter started in 2010
  • Cycling For Humanity event from Udaipur to Mumbai over 1000 km distance
  • Started Manavata Ashram in Kalluru in 2011
  • Initiated Manavata chapters in Kashmir, Orissa, Indore
  • Manavata founder Srinivasa Alluri’s inspiring ‘Cycling for Humanity’ event covering 11,350 km from London to Kashmir in 100 days in 2011
  • Started medical centers in Kalluru, Khammam district. Rachapalli and Biccavolu East Godavari district and initiated the Sustainable Rural Development Program (SRDP)
  • Started Zero budget Natural farming training in Andhra Pradesh for 400 farmers
  • Received the prestigious United Nations accredited Organization with ECOSOC special consultative status in 2012

People Behind Manavata

Manavata is founded by Srini Alluri, a young entrepreneur and social change agent from Lolla, East Godavari district. Inspired by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and the simple living and helping nature of his parents, the idealistic Srini decided to make a difference to the world by adopting and promoting a natural, healthy lifestyle. With yoga, cycling and a constant desire to help others selflessly, Srini Alluri balances his corporate and social responsibilities, and moves on relentlessly, with a perpetual smile on his face and the 3H philosophy on his shoulders, towards his goal of creating an ideal society.

Key Volunteers who are leading this initiative globally:

There are thousands of volunteers across the globe working together for Manavata’s self-less cause without expecting name, fame or money and we are thankful for each one of them. To name some of them:

India: Srinivasa Alluri, Surya Prakash Alluri, Dr. GSN Reddy, Govindaraju, Subbaraju Gunturi, Srinivas Balusu,  Prasad Vemulapati, Kapil Dave, Vijay Kantamani, Siddhesh Dhume, Atul Jain, Srinivas Vundavilli, Manthena Varma, Gundapunidi Veerragu, Chatrati Janaki Rambabu, E Ma. Masanamuthu and many committed volunteers across different villages.

USA: Mukund Gorla, Kiran Indukuri, Vinitha Kumaran, Chakrapal Kalwa, Ugandhar Chalasani, Raghu Chemala, Teja Vangala, Prasanna Edpuganti, Narendra Velagala and so on

UK: Ramalingeswararao Penumudi, Mahesh Patharlapalli, Uma Lade, Sriram Mahabhashyam, Ram Yeggoni, Babji Vundavilli, Leena Thomas, Jayanthi Praveen, Khalai Chelvan, Kalyan Petluru, Raj Marni, Suba Masanamuthu, Satya and so on

Recent Key Achievements and Mile Stones:

  • Mumbai to Kanyakumari Cycling for humanity
  • Washington DC to Boston Cycling
  • 2013: Patna to Delhi Cycling for humanity, submitted school mid day meal proposal to PM and president of India
  • 2013-14: Development of Manavata Ashram, supporting around 200 children

Manavata’s Future Initiatives  

  • CSD: To adopt 500 villages to implement SRDP including 500 schools and establish CSD to build best doctors, teachers and farmers.
  • forum to facilitate 500 collaborations and train 2000 leaders
  • program to facilitate change in 10,000 families
  • Manavata Ashram to support 500 children
  • program to cover 25000 KM cycling
  • To bring more than 10,000 blood donors to support helpline
  • MAHE: Provide training to 50,000 students in Personality Development & Value based education.
  • Plant at least 100,000 saplings
  • Initiate 20 new chapters and over 12,000 members to help around 30,000 people who are need

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