Holistic Health and Yoga Workshops in Bay area by Srini

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Manavata 3H mission is to bring Health, Happiness and Harmony to all. 3H family is about living in harmony within family and with mother nature. These days people are disconnected each other and also with their own self, body and mind. This is causing huge number of health problems and misery in many families. So it is an urgent and important priority to bring back our harmonious 3H family culture into every family:

What is 3H family culture ?

  • Live together & Love each other
  • Work together & help each other to bring best healthy practices and happiness into family culture.
  • Play together and practice Yoga /meditation together
  • Cook together and eat together, share food to others before you eat.
  • Be responsible, self-reliant and always be first to help
  • Serve together to mother nature & other beings.

It is important to live with consciousness. as you aware these days everything became unsafe. Air, water, food etc. people forgotten the originality of life on earth. Now it is time to bring the right awareness without getting cheated by out side world.. specifically about: it is not about what you like or what you don’t like, it is about what is good for you and good for all.

What to Learn?

  1. How to detox mind and body
  2. Yogic and Vedic health techniques to make whole life & family Healthy, Happy and Harmonious.
  3. Unique opportunity to experience blissful self and recharge yourself!
  4. Techniques for: Self-Healing & Healthy Living, Simple home remedies
  5. Dinacharya (IDS: Ideal daily schedule), Quality standards & best practices for family health,
  6. Right Food, purpose and aim of life, Eco-friendly living.

Be Aware! Live with consciousness!

  • What to eat, what not to eat
  • How to Cook, how not to Cook
  • What to use, what not to use
  • How to live, how not to live
  • What to do, what not to do.

Here is the schedule for Manavata US chapter events and workshops conducted

Srini’s visit schedule: (About Srini)
3rd April NJ, 4th to 8th April: DC / VA / Ashburn, 9th to 14th May: SFO/Bay area

For more details and registration in event page:


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