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Manavata India is currently recruiting full time staff for some of it’s important services from HO. 

We have been working for sustainable development and humanitarian projects in the area of Education, Health and Environment with strong team of volunteers and full time staff.

It is great opportunity if you have similar vision to work for self-less cause for better tomorrow and at the same time you can take this as your career / full time job with a competitive package, while working in association with wonderful people (Satsanga). 

Objective: To build great team for our HQ and to make sure that to deliver Manavata projects and services very efficiently.

Currently Open Positions:

Apply now by sending your cv to or contact us at 9966673111

#1 Computer Operator Cum Administrative Assistant at Hyderabad, India: Proficiency with MS Office, Photoshop, Coral Draw and good English.   Salary CTC (including PF, Medical etc) upto Rs. 12.5k

#2 Asst. Accountant: or any accounts degree with good experience with book keeping and accounting, reporting, Tally, Excel, MS Word.   Competitive Salary 

#3 Technical support:

HTML, wordpress, knowledge of web portals, web development and support, experience in content management, data management and back up. Salary upto Rs. 12,500/-  

Yoga teacher:

Certified experienced Yoga teacher, experience in taking sessions to children and adults, knowledge of astanga Yoga, true practitioner of Yoga as a life style, willing to serve rural / poor and government school children

Salary upto Rs. 15000/-

Farm work and plants care:

Experience with plants care, farming, drip irrigation, natural farming methods, care for cows at Goshala etc. Full time stay at Manavata UFH farm. Max monthly Salary upto Rs. 12000/- or 16000/- for couple if both are working in the farm.


Those who would like to volunteer full time or part time please drop an email your interest and area of work on You may choose to work in any of the services like farming, gosheva, child care, teaching, cooking, co-ordinating, managing, IT support, Software development etc. For more details visit: get Involved 

Also request you to spread the word and help us to get right people to the team. Thank you.


“Men, men, these are wanted: everything else will be ready, but strong, vigorous, believing young men, sincere to the backbone, are wanted. A hundred such and the world becomes revolutionized.”

– Swami Vivekananda

Manavata Humanity 3H Mission needs such strong and sincere people who can work with dedication for the cause of humanity. Doctors for sustainable health, teachers for right education, farmers to produce poison-less food, Yoga teachers, accountants, designers and artists.. Manavata is looking for full time Homeopathy, Doctors, Yoga teachers, Maths teachers, program coordinators and accountants at present. Do you want to take up these wonderful opportunities? if so send your interest & profile to and spread the word to your friends who might be interested. These roles currently for Hyderabad, Rajahmundray, Wanaparthy areas. Thanks

Thanks & Regards

Viswa Manavata Samstha

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