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Our Mission is to Create a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious (3H) World

June 2023 News Letter

Dear Sisters and brothers,

Thanks to all volunteers who worked together for Manavata causes.  With all team work and your kind support we could do much better this month. Seva is most valuable to make our life meaningful as Swami Vivekananda says “They alone live who live for others”

June month’s inspiration with , International Yoga Day,Manavata UK_Annual events,free homeo medical camps,Yoga and Healthy Living Workshops and other educational events of Manavata reached more people this time. Spreading awareness to people and inspiring everyone towards health and environment. Cycling, plantation, yoga. 

Together we can do more! Greatly appreciate your active particpation in Manavata activities.

Manavata UK_Annual Events Highlights

Manavata 3H Family Event_UK

Everyone worked together, volunteered in every activity planned in 3 days event,  Experienced harmony & oneness.. learnt core values to lead happy family. Kids did parents Padapuja, experienced importance of Yoga sadhana, seva and sattvic food.

Some of the volunteers tried their best to travel even from long distances, felt so happy with reunion after 4 years. Srini has appreciated all volunteers for their active participation and leadership for making the event successful.

Special appreciation Kalyan & Amritha family, Charan & Madhu family for whole program coordination for past 1 week. Chandra Muvvala, Ramadevi, Hemanth took care of entire grocery, vegetables, fruits items purchases & brought from Maidenhead and London. As prior arrangement, healthy home made items like sprouts, sesame laddus, organic curd etc, made by some volunteers. Dr. Bhavana ji all the way from Birmingham got number of cooking items and actively took leadership in kitchen. She took care of everyone with motherly love. All the volunteers actively helped in kitchen learnt healthy cooking under the guidance of Srini ji.

Thought it is simple camping location with basic facilities, everyone adjusted well.. and all enjoyed the nature and bountiful location / activities here.  

As per schedule 5am meditation and 6:30am Yoga sadhana daily helped everyone to learn and enjoy blissful time. Kids enjoyed all cultural, sports events, campfire etc.. though they new to this kind of healthy diet, they all experienced natural taste and real power of Satvic food.

Feedback from Participants

1.Srini Sir and Team it was quiet Engaging in kids activities and creating unique experiences are both fun and educational. I’m glad they had a memorable time. Special Thanks to all the volunteers to make the event a big success and memorable.


2.Thank you Srini sir for a enlightening three days.🙏🏽🙏🏽 Many thanks to all the volunteers, all your seva spirit is just so heart warming.🙏🏽

My kids says special thanks for all the kids activities and especially for the campfire 🔥it was a unique experience 🙏🏽


3.It’s been a wonderful weekend with activities and knowing new people. Thanks to Srini sir and all excellent volunteers for making this happen. It’s good to see kids having picked few wisdom from what was taught during the stay 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼

4.GSa srini sirThanks for such a wonderful weekendMuch productive and thoughtful


5.Thank you so much Srini Sir @srinivas sir for the incredible experience and H3 journey. And many thanks to all the volunteers and Manavatha family. Our kids had really enjoyed and learnt many things. Nice to know you all and meeting you🙏

Chandra BVR

6.Thank you Srinigaru. This has been our first step towards building a 3H life for us and for people around us. Truly appreciate what you do for Mother Nature and for each and and every human being. Your selflessness and humbleness inspired and truly touched us. For more 🙏🏼. Thanks to each and every one of you for making us feel a part of the Manavata family🙏🏼

Anija Shah

7.Thank you so much Srini Sir and entire team for making this wonderful event. We all had a blissful experience and lots of inspiring takeaways. Your simplicity and selfless service is very heart touching  thanks a lot Srini Sir 🙏🙏


3H family event: Meditation and unison with Nature

Manavata UK Guildford: 3H family event: Meditation and unison with Nature

Session on Purposeful life and 3H living! Some kids have answered actively when Srini asked what is purpose of life.. one said, Dharma, other kid said, Moksha (Liberation).. though they do not have clarity on goal. they tried to give right answer.

Srini said, In order to liberate, one must work with Seva (selfless service), lead purposeful life and dedicated sadhana to progress in spiritual path.

“Paropakarardham midam sareeram”

many people think that happiness is goal, but as Swami Vivekananda clearly told that goal is to attain true knowledge (Atma jnana).

Srini explained clearly that our first step is to make body and mind healthy with right food, right action and healthy life style.

He shared his great experiences of seva and cycling to India. Kids have inspired a lot

Healthy.Balanced,Satvic Diet

Healthy, Balanced, Satvic diet: with Millet rice, Dhal, steamed vegetables, green chutney (Sesame seeds, peanuts, pepper, spinach)Regular and consistent time schedule is key to be efficient and successful. It is important to keep daily routine with an effective schedule to make life much more efficient, sustainable and easy. Following is an ideal schedule which can generally fit to working people and professionals to maintain good health, to prevent and cure any ailments. One can make it suitable to their convenience depending on their job or work schedule. On the whole it is important to change the life style gradually and consistently to achieve this ideal state which fits to nature’s cycle as this schedule is designed based on “law of nature” and with proven methods. Go slowly and make one change at a time with a strong will and sustainable practice. If you stick to a schedule you can save lot of time and do things very efficiently.

plantation work getting started in UFH

Heavy rain in UFH  land got ready for plantation.. plantation work getting started in UFH. around 3000 plants we got from Kadiyam.we should continue inspiring and motivating farmers and house holds to grow more trees.. 

Manavata Ashram kid Birthday Celebration

New volunteer and his family visited Manavata Ashram, Lolla to celebrate his son’s birthday in proper way by offering food for needy. They all have felt so happy to have such healthy diet in Manavata ashram and said, that children in ashram are so blessed with value education and organic food. They served the food and given beds for children.

Birthday boy has learnt eco-friendly and healthy life with yoga, seva, human values in ashram. As currently children are missing the core value system & right food, Manavata Ashram is keeping efforts to bring awareness among all children.

More details about Ashram in

New Children at Manavata Ashram

New Children at Manavata Ashram Lolla.Most of them are orphans and semi-orphans.some more are joining  if identify any needy, please do needful to get them to ashram

Manavata Free Health Camps in Biccavolu and RB Patnam Villages

Manavata’s free Yoga, Meditation Camps and Healthy Living camps are held across the globe regularly and have helped thousands of people to improve their health, cure diseases and ailments, manage stress,develop peace of mind and understand the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits.Ongoing schedules for these camps can be found on the Manavata website.Manavata Free Health Camps in Biccavolu and RB Patnam Villages
Contact for Health Centers in your Area

World Environment day Celebration in Manavata Ashram Lolla

World Environment day Celebration in Manavata Ashram Lolla,

children actively participated in different events like essay writing, plantation, eco-friendly diet, quiz and inspirational sessions on environment. Guest speakers Dr. Satyasai baba garu (from Peddada village) who has been volunteering in several services like rural health & educational activities for poor. his dedication inspired volunteers and kids at who have attended, and with his talk.

Mr. Srinivas garu (senior teacher from Kakidanada) also spend half day with children to mentor them. Teachers Mr. Anjaneyareddy garu, Mr. Munireddy garu, Dr. Satyanarayana garu and other volunteers participated. Volunteers Sujatha, Subbaraju, Vinitha, Sai and others served in medical service in ashram.

Yoga & healthy living workshop in Bristol

Manavata Bristol Chapter: Yoga & healthy living workshop in Bristol enabled everyone to boost their immunity, gain spiritual advantage with adopt 3H healthy life style and daily Yoga.
On the occasion of 9th International Yoga day, Let us inspire every family to practice Yoga together daily to bring Harmony, pure love, kindness & humanity with in every family.

Thanks to Leena & Naveen for taking leadership to organize this session.Very well organized. in the same venue we had organized over 100 Manavata events when I was living in Bristol.

I could see joy in everyone after the session.. healthy breakfast with sprouts, nuts & salads enjoyed by kids. Karma Yoga / Seva importance is understood by everyone with this inspiration.

Manavata International Yoga Day event In UK (Gloucester).

Manavata International Yoga Day event In UK (Gloucester). Yoga for Humanity workshop focussed on making every family Healthy, Happy and Harmonious (3H), bring the universal brotherhood.. this program has united everyone to continue Sadhana and inspire next generation to follow right path.

International Yoga Day In Rayavaram High School

If you think that this is an international corporate school, you are mistaken. Our Rayavaram High School. Our friends Alluri Srinivas Chowdhury will have a yoga day program today in the conference hall built with a donation of 14 lakhs.

International Yoga Day in Slough UK

International Yoga Day In Slough,UK .Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. Today it is practiced in various forms around the world and continues to grow in popularity. Recognizing its universal appeal, on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga by resolution 69/131. The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.

Meeting with Swami Sarveswarananda ji in Vedanta center

Meeting with Swami Sarveswarananda ji in Vedanta center (RK Math) in Born End, UK. Discussed with him about value education and our plan to take inspiration of Vivekananda to reach to youth & kids in UK. He felt so happy.

Meditation center here is so peaceful & library with great Vivekananda books, which can be leveraged as part of Manavata value education (MAHE) program in UK

Manavata International Yoga day event in Orpington, UK

Manavata International Yoga day event in Orpington, UK. Mahesh, Praveen, Ruchi and other volunteers here gathered together. 2 hours workshop with deep insight on Yoga with practical experience to everyone deep relaxation and blissful union.

Srini ji explained about how Yoga brings harmony within us and how it makes whole family peaceful. Harmoney brings Happiness and then Health.. he said, thus Yoga is foundation for holistic health.

Manavata UK chapter conducted Yogathon (108 suryanamaskar) event

Happy Yoga Day: Manavata UK chapter conducted Yogathon (108 suryanamaskar) event at 6am BST. Participants actively joined and event some of the kids were able to complete 108 rounds successfully. good inspiration for many families to adopt daily Yoga in their life to make their home 3H. wwonderful experience for everyone in Yogathon and Yoga Nidra, meditation.

Blessings from HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi China Jiyar Swami ji in London

Blessings from HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi China Jiyar Swami ji today in London. Manavata 3H mission and Cycling for Humanity campaign discussed with Swami ji.Srini explaining about Manavata activities to China Jeeyar Swamiji.

Manavata IDY Healthy Living & Yoga workshop in Ilford, London

Manavata IDY Healthy Living & Yoga workshop in Ilford, London. 3hours inspiration helped everyone to take steps towards self-realization.. to save Earth and Live healthy by practicing Yoga, bringing harmony in heart and entire family..

Steps taken are:

* Avoiding factory foods, use only healthy farm foods and nonviolent Satvic food.

* Adopt daily Yoga as it essential for holistic development & spiritual growth.

* Utilize this body as a vehicle to serve humanity. get rid enemies of mind Cravings and aversions.

Successfully done with 108 suryanamaskara challenge

Successfully done with 108 suryanamaskara challenge..

🙏Suryanamaskara is a series of yoga poses that help to improve physical and mental health.

Vishwa Manavata Samastha


UK_Cycling event_2023 UK: 25th June 2023: Save Earth & Be Healthy!
Cycling for Humanity (12th Annual day of our London to Delhi Cycling event) went on well.
Great cycle route Themes path. I could complete 75 KM cycling. Mother nature is supported very well with great weather.
Congratulation to all volunteers. Much appreciate kids, teens who have completed 45km cycling..
Successfully Completed The Occasion of 12th Anniversary of Manavata Srini”s London to Delhi Cycling event.
* Save Earth & Be Healthy Campaign gained support and inspired younger generation.
*We appeal* you to support & spread this awareness on protecting our planet and innocent beings.
Benefits Of Cycling :
Cycling is a great way to improve your physical and mental health. Cycling is also an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation that can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Use cycle for most of your local transportations and work.

Congratualations to all. Well done Much appreciated kids,teans who have completed 45km cycling.The primary motives underlying this program are

  • To create awareness and bring about a positive change in humanity towards humanity!
  • To integrate likeminded people for a noble endeavour!
  • To inculcate, imbibe and inspire youth in making them aware of their social responsibilities!

Find Event Details:

120-MaySatsanga, Prayer & group meditationSutton
221-May3pm to 6pmWorld Meditation Day & Yoga workshopSutton
326-MayFrom 6pmManavata 3H Get togetherGuildford
427-MayFull dayYoga, Nature Walk, Healthy Living workshopGuildford
528-MayFull dayYoga, Adventure, sports, knowledge sharingGuildford
629-MayTill 3pmYogathon, kids prizes, charity eventsGuildford
701-JunYouth CampOnline / Reading
802-JunYouth Camp & CyclingOnline / Reading
903-JunYouth Camp & Healthy Living / Yoga workshopReading
1004-Jun7AM-10AMYouth Camp & Healthy Living / Yoga workshopBasingstoke
1105-JunYouth Camp & Cycling
1310-Jun3pm to 6pmYoga & Healthy Living workshopBristol
1411-Jun3pm to 6pmYoga & Healthy Living workshopGlocester
1517-Jun5:45pm-8:00pmPranayams, Mudras and Meditation workshopHilltop community centre,High wycombe
1618-Jun9AM-11AMYoga and Wellness workshopWestwood park,Amersham HP6 6PW
1721-Jun6PM-8PMYoga & Healthy living workshop IN OrpingtonFoxbury Drive,Orpington
1822-Jun6:30PM-8:30PMYoga and healthy living workshop in TonbridgeSouthborough,Kent TN4 0NA
1923-Jun6PM-8PMYoga and healthy living workshop in DartfordDartford Central Park,DA1 1JP
2024-Jun9:30AM-1PMYoga and healthy living workshop in ILfordIlford, London
2125-Jun6AM-7AM9TH International day of yogaonline
2225-Jun7:30AM-1PMCycling For Humanity Trafalgar square, London to Hampton Court Palace
2301-Jul4:00PM-6:00PMYoga and healthy living workshop in BirminghamErdington,Birmingham,B24 9BA