Kerala Flood Relief Activities

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To day Punnnen Kurian sir Collect 24 bags and 6 Mats .his wife shani teacher also a Social worker, She distribute 3 Anganvadees in flood area,, The balance water Purifier and Mats Liju Collect and today he distribute champakulam balance house… balance 20 bags will distribute ldukki Muttam govt LP School.’, They demand bags.. Our first Mission over all finished..


Bags distribution at kerala                                                                         Anish found 3 Anganvadies in flood affected area.. near kottayam parambukara Sc colony area… around 50 Students .. Today’s Manavata kits distribution..


Mats distribution by Srini in champakkulam Nadubhagam area.

Bags were distributed by Srini in Nadubhagom govt LP School.

Srini distributed whole meal food bags (unpolished red rice, green gram etc) in Nadumudi, champakulam, Kuttanadu area, Alappuzha District. Jikku, Manoj, Sukumar, Anish and other volunteers have put selfless efforts in this cause. They have distributed Eco friendly handmade water filters and healthy stuff for deserved poor around 200 families.

Srini distributed Bags to all the students in the school.

Srini took awareness/motivation programs in school.

Srini went to class @ kannadi School Alapuza where he took some Maths class to the students just to encourage them.

Reached pulingundam where Still all fields are in water.

Material on the way to Kuttanad for distribution.


100 filters handed over by TIES with all students and staff.

Loading all material from courier office to Kottayam for distribution.

Packing school kits.

Srini went to Bimmaram village to meet and support tribal children. There he conducted krida yoga competation to children and distributed some prize who are actively participated. Later he discussed with authorities regarding study centers, and hes said as a part of this yoga and personality development sessions should be there daily for 2 hours. Some children are crying and feeling sad after lost their house in land slide. For immediate support 4000 RS issued to one family from Manavata. Before leaving Srini took motivation session to the children on education and who lost there houses during floods.

On the way to Bimmaram village one houses completely collapsed due to land slide.


During floods river Pamba flows with high speed. The height of sand that has piled up here is around 50 feet. Two bridges have disappeared and the river has changed its course.


Srini visited ashram library where all books got distroyed some of these old books they are trying to dry up and keep them back in library as it very difficult to procure them again.

Personality Development Session in Kerala

Farmers Training Program in Kerala


After floods many people lost their houses and everything, at present they are staying in a very difficult conditions.

Srini speaking with people about paddy field.

This is paddy field which is completely destroyed during the floods.

Srini visited TIES campus (Handmade water purifir). He distributed 100 water purifiers in Kuttanad.

Latest update from Kerala: 16th Sep:

Currently our founder Sri Srinivasa Alluri is in Kerala and actively involved in relief activities with Manavata Kerala / local volunteers. Anish, Basuran, Narayanan, Leena Thomas, Anil, Tulasi, Jiji and other volunteers are helping in different areas. Manavata has been working with different villages which are highly effected by floods. Food kits distribution  went well last week and the team is now in Kaladi, helping with the Cloth distribution. More helping events are planned in the coming days for school kits distribution in Patthanam thitta and Allappy areas.


Meeting with yogi Ghorak Nadh ji

Srini discussed with Ghorak Nadh Ji about present Education, Health and Family systems in India. Ghorak ji siad establishing study centers in villages is way forward to promote right education. Rebuild activity with study centers is best way. Ghorak ji gave wonderful speech on Dharma. To protect dharma, one should not be sold for money to do something against nature or principles of dharma.Innocent people getting cheered because actors & sports stars are sold for wrong advertisement. Srini felt very happy after meeting such a great human being having a wonderful knowledge.

Date: 15.09.2018

Joseph ji talking to Headmistress about students and school condition.

Date : 14.09.2018

Srini started to kerala on 13th  Sep 2018 and reached on 14th Sep 2018.

After reaching he met Anil, Joseph and some other volunteers of Manavata who are doing service to Kerala people.

Date : 11.09.2018

Manavata has sent the Relief Kits packed by Anish and team. They Distributed @ Kuttanad area and 100 families in Champakulam Nedumudi panchayat. It wouldn’t have been made possible without all the volunteers inspired by Srini and stand beside him in the hour of need.

Manavata distributed Rice: 5 kg, moong dal : 1 kg, chana dal: 1 kg, sugar: 1 kg,tea: 250 GMs, Sunflower oil: 1 kg, Rava: 1 kg,to or dal: 1 kg , 1 packet sambar powder.

People of Champakulam are expressing their gratitude to Srinivas Sir and all Manavata members.


Thank you everyone for the quick response in securing funds for the people in need.

Anish and team from Manavata have been working relentlessly to help the poor and devastated people around Kochi.

From Manavata UK Leena, Kalyan, Suresh, Hemanth, Dileep, Susanth , Sharantjit Singh , Sudhakar  Parameswar and other volunteers have coordinated collection from UK chapter also and send food , clothes.

People from Nedumudi, Kuttanad, Aleppuzha districts were given comfort with the required food, groceries, rice, blankets and clothes.

All the items donated by the kind-heart people across the world were safely delivered to the people in need.

Date: 31.08.2018

This were the ,10 bags of new clothes and the other new stuffs collected by Sharantjit Singh.
He also collected 15 to 20 bags of old clothes for local UK charity which has providing food in Kerala.

Homeo camp at lolla

25.02.2024..Lolla Manavata Homoeopathy Health center time 9 4

Health camp at UFH and Goshala

Such camps play a crucial role in disseminating knowledge, fostering...