MAHE For Children @ UK

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International Yoga day event in Reading, UK. Healthy Living & 3H Family Yoga workshop by Srinivasa Alluri. Kudos to Volunteers Jayanthi Bommana, Praveen, Charan, Pramoda Potu, Mahalaxmi Jalagam, Ramamanohar, Hanumantha rao, Charan and others who made it inspirational to Many families & kids towards healthy and eco-friendly living.. “True celebration is to live responsibly and caring for our mother nature.. by being healthy and giving good health to next generation with right food, right actions and humanity you can do great value add to the world. all you need to do is just start charity at home and make positive change to become 3H family” Srini added in his message. ultimately to achieve Vasudaiva Kutumbam (World as One family).
Self-confidence, health principles & best practices for home, positive attitude, Daily family Yoga techniques, Kriyas / detox techniques for body, mind and family, healthy diet covered as part of it.
Charan, 15 years young boy presented about hidden facts about processed foods, an eye opener for many young kids.

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