Manavata 3H Family event 2023(UK)

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Everyone worked together, volunteered in every activity planned in 3 days event,  Experienced harmony & oneness.. learnt core values to lead happy family. Kids did parents Padapuja, experienced importance of Yoga sadhana, seva and sattvic food.

Some of the volunteers tried their best to travel even from long distances, felt so happy with reunion after 4 years. Srini has appreciated all volunteers for their active participation and leadership for making the event successful.

Special appreciation Kalyan & Amritha family, Charan & Madhu family for whole program coordination for past 1 week. Chandra Muvvala, Ramadevi, Hemanth took care of entire grocery, vegetables, fruits items purchases & brought from Maidenhead and London. As prior arrangement, healthy home made items like sprouts, sesame laddus, organic curd etc, made by some volunteers. Dr. Bhavana ji all the way from Birmingham got number of cooking items and actively took leadership in kitchen. She took care of everyone with motherly love. All the volunteers actively helped in kitchen learnt healthy cooking under the guidance of Srini ji.

Thought it is simple camping location with basic facilities, everyone adjusted well.. and all enjoyed the nature and bountiful location / activities here.  

As per schedule 5am meditation and 6:30am Yoga sadhana daily helped everyone to learn and enjoy blissful time. Kids enjoyed all cultural, sports events, campfire etc.. though they new to this kind of healthy diet, they all experienced natural taste and real power of Satvic food.

Feedback from participants:

Srini Sir and Team it was quiet Engaging in kids activities and creating unique experiences are both fun and educational. I’m glad they had a memorable time. Special Thanks to all the volunteers to make the event a big success and memorable.


Thank you Srini sir for a enlightening three days.🙏🏽🙏🏽 Many thanks to all the volunteers, all your seva spirit is just so heart warming.🙏🏽

My kids says special thanks for all the kids activities and especially for the campfire 🔥it was a unique experience 🙏🏽


It’s been a wonderful weekend with activities and knowing new people. Thanks to Srini sir and all excellent volunteers for making this happen. It’s good to see kids having picked few wisdom from what was taught during the stay 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼


srini sir

Thanks for such a wonderful weekend

Much productive and thoughtful


Thank you so much Srini Sir @srinivas sir for the incredible experience and H3 journey. And many thanks to all the volunteers and Manavatha family. Our kids had really enjoyed and learnt many things. Nice to know you all and meeting you🙏

Chandra BVR

Thank you Srinigaru. This has been our first step towards building a 3H life for us and for people around us. Truly appreciate what you do for Mother Nature and for each and and every human being. Your selflessness and humbleness inspired and truly touched us. For more 🙏🏼. Thanks to each and every one of you for making us feel a part of the Manavata family🙏🏼

Anija Shah

Thank you so much Srini Sir and entire team for making this wonderful event. We all had a blissful experience and lots of inspiring takeaways. Your simplicity and selfless service is very heart touching  thanks a lot Srini Sir 🙏🙏


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