Manavata Blood Donation and Healthy Living Camp.

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On the occasion of Manavata Day (26th annual day of Manavata), Hyderabad chapter has organized a blood donation camp and healthy living workshop in Manavata, Sri towers, KPBH 7th phase. Manavata volunteers actively participated in this program, professionals from different companies (Sandhata technologies, HDFC, Maruthi service senter, Gitanjali school, Anicals) have donated blood. Part of the inaugural event around 100 volunteers gathered together, started camp with national anthum and talks guest speakers. Viswa Manavata Samstha founder Mr. Srinivasa Alluri have appreciated all volunteers and their consistent support. He has also called all volunteers to bring the positive change in society, so that people can help each other with simple and living with human values. He requested everyone to fight against all current health issues with right education and practice. Requested everyone to be part of Manavata voluntary blood donation program which is continuously helping several patients on day to day helpline calls.

Mr. Kiran, Manager, HDFC has appreciated all volunteers for their proactive blood donation.

Mr. Suresh, HR Manager, Sandhata Technologies felt happy for helping needy on time to time based with Manavata.

Mr. Ravibabu, Principal, Gitanjali, thanked Manavata for organizing personality development and Yoga workshops for children.

Later blood donation program and healthy living workshop by Srinivas went on well.

Ravikumar, Prakash, Tulasi, Riyaz and Surendra helped actively in organizing this camp successfully.‚ÄčCapture.JPG

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