Manavata day celebration

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“At Manavata Ashram, the spirit of service and celebration intertwine as the children come together to mark ‘Manavata Day.’ 🌞

With enthusiasm and dedication, they embarked on a journey of wellness by performing 108 Surya Namaskaras, infusing the atmosphere with energy and vitality.

But the celebrations didn’t stop there! The children also extended their love and care to the community through food distribution and various seva (service) activities. Their acts of kindness resonate with the core values of Manavata, fostering a culture of compassion, selflessness, and positive change.

These young souls exemplify the essence of ‘Manavata Day,’ reminding us all of the power of unity, selfless service, and the enduring light within us. 🙏🌟🍃”

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