Manavata events in Burakayalakota

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Thank you very much for attending and making the event Successful. We are very fortunate to have you with us for the entire day. Thanks for sharing Value Based Thoughts to our school children and we are sure your words will bring change in the children, alumni community and all volunteers.

Here is the summary:

MPP school event
The Day started with MPP school visit at around 10.30 am. Srini delivered a wonderful speech on Manavata’s 3H mission. Following his speech, Distributed certificates to the students who performed well in this academic year. MPP School teachers facilitated Srini Garu, followed by HM speech on his plan on Cluster school and requested a TV/DVD player for children to watch animated programs.

ZP school event
ZP High school Program started at around 11.45 AM. Again started with awesome speech by Srini garu on the 3 values(education, health and environment) and breathing techniques to improve memory/concentration. 
Small facilitation from BPVC to Srini garu, Best Teacher award to “Sastry Sir” for participating at national/Delhi level science fair and two best student awards (cash prise of ₹ 1,000 each) selected based on various selection criteria.

Special thanks to Prasad Garu, Kapil Ji and Anand Garu for taking time to visit the village.


Free Homeopathy Medical Camp:
First time in Burakayalakota a free Homeopathy medical camp was conducted by Manavata team. Though it was a short notice to the people of BRkota, surprisingly around 160 people turned out to this event and got benefited.
Special thanks to Dr.Nooka Raju garu and Praveen for making this camp successful.

Action items for BPVC team:

1.    Fluoride water:
During free Medical Camp, it was observed that around 60% of people have the complaints on Knee joint/other joint pains, we have to confirm whether this is because of high fluoride in water or is there any other reason.
2.    PHC:
Srini garu, as discussed Village has good infrastructure, only lacking in getting a permanent Doctor/Nurse with basic facilities.


We Request Dr. Sri Hari anna/Srini garu to give your advices to proceed further.
3.    Library:
Srini garu, Please send some sample formats on how to request to District Library officer.

Manavata team:

HM requested few computers (Refurbished).This is very long pending task. Please guide us if you have anything on this.

TV/DVD player for the MPP school. We’ll discuss in the monthly meeting.

Once again many thanks to everyone involved and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused during the programme. We take all these good learning’s forward and plan properly in future.

Please find the attachment for News Clip and Photos.

Thanks and Regards,

BPVC team.

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