Manavata Health camp & Samskara vidya study center initiation went on well in Polakapahad village.

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Manavata Health camp & Samskara vidya study center initiation went on well in Polakapahad village, Gopalpet mandal, Wanaparthy dt by our founder Sri Alluri Sriinivas garu, Manavata volunteer Sri Mohan reddy garu (Retired DEO from this village coordinated this camp) and the team of 20+ volunteers. .

Homeopathy medical camp is very successful More than 160 patients taken treatment..

Dr. Jyoshna ji, Sri Madan Mohan Sign ji, Sri Khalai Chelvan ji, Manavata kothakota study center teachers Tirupatamma garu, Jyothi garu, Rajeswari garu, Srinivas ji, Ramanuja ji, Manavata gurukul children work together with Srini ji (10am to 6pm)

Every person treated with proper interaction and diagnosis. each case volunteers have spent 15 minutes to understand their case and counsel them.. proper diagnosis is ensured with detailed root cause analysis.

Homeopathy medicines along with diet plan and yoga are explained every patient individually.

Many old patients suffering with critical issues like asthma, arthritis, joint pains, paralysis, diabetic, BP, mental health issues etc. they all felt very happy after their treatment in this camp.

ZPTC chairman attended as honorable guest for the inauguration of this camp. he requested everyone to take responsibility of their own health and next generation. asked parents to give value education to their child. they all expressed their gratitude for selfless service of Manavata.

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