Manavata in Humanitarian AID:

Manavata  help’s to under-privileged and orphaned children by providing food, clothes, shelter and education with parental kind of care and affection. There are 4 Ashrams – 60 children at Hyderabad and Lolla, 45 blind children at Ramachandrapuram and 40 dumb and deaf children at Srikakulam. Manavata is planning new centers to help more children.

Clothes distribution :

Manavata distributes clothes to the poor and needy and conducts clothes distribution drives regularly.

Food distribution :

Manavata centers distribute food to the needy regularly.

Natural Calamity Aid :

Manavata’s volunteer groups engage in voluntary work when natural calamities strike and provide emergency support for survival to the needy.

Financial Support for Critical Surgeries :

Manavata provides medical aid for poor patients who cannot afford the cost of critical life-saving surgeries.