Manavata Natural Farming Knowledge Center

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We are very pleased to inform you that Inauguration of Raithu Vijnana Kendram went on very well with lot of motivation from farmers of east godavari district. Natural farmers, agriculture officers, Manavata volunteers from across the district have attended this event.

It was a great start.. Many events togeter on this day.. Great motivation I saw in all our children and volunteers with this event.. 50 children and 30 other volunteers worked together on this busy day with multible events on same day. More than 100 people attended for meeting, 600 people in food distribution and 300 people medical camp. People from around the district came here to Manavata Ashram in Lolla (from Amalapuram, Mandapeta, Kakinada, Anaparthy, Ramavaram, Rayavaram, Vetlapalem, Machavaram, Konkuduru, Pasalapudi, Pitapuram and many other surrounding villages)

  1. Farmers program and Manavata Knowledge centre inauguraiton
  2. Karthika Vanasamaradhana, food distribution
  3. Health & medical camp (300 patients took treatment today)

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Event is inaugurated with prayers and worship of nature (Sun, Earth, Cow, Trees, Water and whole universe for bringing peace in everyone’s mind). Our founder Srinivas has requested everyone to practice self-less and humanity to bring peace in this nature and solve every problem on this earth. He said, natural farming one of the humanitarian thought to take care of nature. He expressed his concern about pollution and posionous food production. he said, people have to be more responsible and innovative to follow sustainable methods rather than short cuts of greedy people.

Mr. Sitramaraju, PD, ATMA, east Godavari district (chief guest), other agriculture officers Mr.Srinivasa Reddy (AD, Anaparthi), Mrs Aruna (AO, Rayavaram), Mr. Ramababu Pakalapati (TM, RCPM), Manavata volunteers Alluri Varalakshmi, Subbaraju G, Alluri Bapineedu (Natural farmer) and other local volunteers along with our founder Srinivasa Alluri have attended this meeting.   PD explained about how natural farmers get benefit through ATMA programs and he expressed his happiness about Manavata’s knowledge centre initiative for famers. He said, he will do necessary assistance for this centre to make it useful for many more farmers.  other speakders who have

Jeevamritham has been prepared by our volunteers is distributed to participants for their garden.

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Venue: Lolla, Rayavaram Mandal, East Godavari Dt. Andhra Pradesh

Date: 16th Nov 2014 at 9am


  • Prayer & Worshiping cow, earth & plants
  • Yoga & meditation: Health awarenss session
  • Manavata knowledge Centre for farmers: inauguration
  • Public meeting with guest speakers
  • Training programs initiation and demo on preparation of Jivamritham and other natural pest controls.
  • Karthika Vanasamaradhana

About Manavata Vijnana Kedram:


  • Creating awareness about Health for general public
  • Facilitating farmers for Natural farming
  • Helping farmers for planning and knowledge sharing
  • Providing necessary tools and technologies along with literature

What we provide:

  • Organizing a stall with literature/books, tools, natural food items
  • Organizing regular trainings for farmers
  • Provide necessary support for marketing natural farming products

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