Manavata Rural Health Centers

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Manavata rural Health centers (Homeopathy dispensaries) in Lolla, Biccavolu, Kurmapuram, Alamuru, Pedapalla, Rachapalli, Srungarayani palem, Gangavaram, Vetlapalem, Konkuduru, Sandredu and other locations held peacefully with COVID protocols and social distancing rules.
each center served 60 to 70 patients each. During this period we also trying to deliver medicines to those poor old patients who can’t come from long distance. All the patients who have taken treatment and medicine are felt happy.

Covid immunity training to asha Health workers

manavata covid immunity training to asha Health workers, police......

Manavata Immunity Kits Kakinada

Manavata Immunity kits demonstration and initiation .....