Manavata Sustainable agriculture session in China Agriculture University (CAU)

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China Agriculture University (CAU) has hosted a session today with professors and interested groups to learn about Manavata Sustainable Development/Agriculture projects. We had a productive meeting today.. Profession Guoyao introduced and Phoebe gave intro about Manavata in Chinese.. then I have presented our SRDP and sustainable agriculture to team here. Sowed seeds of humanity and ecological balance in their minds.. they all very happy to connect and work together with us to help villages in China. hopefully we will establish some relationship soon. Professor Guoyao felt that Indian villages are much happier because of cow based sustainability in agriculture. As he is from southern china, he would like to see change of agriculture practices in China where there are lot of chemical used and not used to natural manure or animal composts.​

We also had very interesting discussions on industrialized animal based food production and impact on environment. Industrialized animal agriculture / meet production is impacting on environment a lot because they are consuming lot of water and human edible food resource.

 ​​​​I have emphasized on ZBNF techniques, multi crops, crop change, intercropping and moulting techniques. It is known fact that in China also there needs to be a drastic change required to adopt sustainable agriculture methods.​

​They promised me to bring right collaborations soon.​​


Xai Hu, who has volunteered for past 2 weeks and worked with commitment to spread Manavata /humanity conciousness to as many as possible in China as a true dedicated volunteer. Expressing his happiness this morning with traditional Chinies eco-fan.

Meeting with BNVS founder and management tea​m:


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