Natural Farmers Meet & Training @ UFH

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     In UFH Natural farming training, health, ecology, yoga, gopuja, Homam, annasamaradhana. Seeds distribution Great knowledge sharing session with wonderful volunteers Praveen, Pradeep, Subrahmany Raju, Ramanareddy Lavanya, Leo and many more.Local farmers felt so happy. Every one committed to bring change. volunteers kept their efforts & hardwork for past one week to make this event well. Wild pigs problem: horn and light solution demonstrated by Pradeep Gadicharla, software expert from Hyderabad.

   Water management, rain water harvesting, waste management, 5 layer management, weed management, desi seeds distribution, pest control and flow plants, success stories were shared are really very useful for all farmers attended.

   Understanding soil life, self sustainable fertility, helps people to avoid using chemical pesticides as how danger it is to kill soil or counter productive to maintain healthy soil. Hope everyone can bring such knowledge into practice with more consciousness and complete knowledge of soil and crops. Damaging and destroying to the soil, health and life in the long run.  Manavata felicitated Successful zbnf farmers Ramanareddy, Praveen Reddy, Subramanyam Raju for their good work in helping other farmers.


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