Natural Farming & Cow Products Training in UFH

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We are pleased to invite you for a Natural Farming (02.04.2017) & Cow based products Training (03.04.2017) at UFH campus, Mirasapalli Village, Kothakota Mandal, Wanaparthy District. Yoga Sadhana techniques also taught and practiced in this camp.

This is a practical guidance workshop in the presence of Dr. L Narayana Reddy, Sri Srinivasa Alluri for farmers to help farmers to practice natural farming which can help them to produce best yield with minimum investment and without any cost on pesticides and chemicals.

As part of this, we are providing the training for cow based products with expert trainers Sri. Krishi Vaddi, Sri Suresh.

  • Registration Fee: Rs.100/- (only for event mangament
  • Lunch will provide for Participents
  • Lunch & Accommodation will provide those who are coming from long distance 

Chief Guests:

  1. Sri Swetha Mahanthi (Collector of Wanaparthy District)
  2. Dr. L.Narayana Reddy (Expert in Natural Farming)
  3. Sri Krishi Vaddi (cows protection movement)
  4. Sri Suresh (Cow based products Trainter)
  5. Sri Mukund Reddy (President of Mahaboobnagar District Gosala association)

Guest Speakers:

  1. Sri. Nagendraiah (Asst.Director Agriculture, Wanaparthy)
  2. Sri. B.K Singh (Sr.Scientist of Krishi Vignan Kendra)
  3. Sri Uma Devi (SSAC & director Incharge Water Technology Center) Agriculuture University Rajendranangar)
  4. Sri Rajendar (Mandal Revenue Officer)
  5. Sri Srinivas Alluri (Yoga Expert & Founder of Vishwa Manavata Samastha)
  6. Sri Premaiah (Key Voulnteer of Manavata, Mahaboobnagar)

We request you to attend and participate in this useful program without fail.

Prior Registration is must: contact +91-9966673111 / 293 (or) email: 

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