Organ donation awareness program organized in Cyber towers

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3rd Aug 2023: National Organ donation day.
Organ donation awareness program organized in Cyber towers, Hyderabad by STPI.
Guest Speakers:
Dr. Murali, Neurologist

Mr. Srinivasa Alluri, Founder & President, Vishwa Manavata Samastha

Mr. CV Ram Prasad, Director, STPI

Spreading Awareness for Organ Donation: A Gift of Life

Introduction: Organ donation is an act of selfless compassion that has the potential to save and improve countless lives. It involves the voluntary donation of organs or tissues from one person to another in need. Organ transplantation is a critical medical procedure that offers a second chance at life for individuals suffering from organ failure or severe medical conditions. However, despite the life-saving potential, there remains a significant gap between the supply of organs and the ever-growing demand. Therefore, raising awareness about organ donation is crucial to bridging this gap and transforming more lives for the better.

The Importance of Organ Donation: Highlight the significance of organ donation by discussing how it saves lives, improves quality of life for recipients, and supports medical advancements in transplantation

Awareness on following actions:

  1. What is organ donation and how it is important these days to save critical patients.
  2. Most important thing is to protect our own organs with healthy life style and become eligible to donate organs and even blood to several lives.
  3. Quick action when death happens in known circles.

Dr. Murali, neurologist said that only 2% of kidney transplantation needs are met so far and rest of the patients are dying after few years of their survival and painful dialysis process. similarly other organs donations also very minimum at present. we need to bring lot of awareness to increase number of organ donors.
STPI director Mr. Ramprasad garu appreciated all the employees who have attended the session and encouraged people to

Srini explained about importance of responding quickly with empathy and humanity to save lives. at the time of death of any family members or friends.. this can happen only when we are living with Humanity consciousness, holistic health.
Srini said, many people are spoiling their organs due to toxins in the food, smoking, alcohol, irregular food & sleep, stress etc. Even for blood donation to get eligibility minimum 12.5 hemoglobin levels. but these days many are becoming ineligible to donate organ and blood due to growing health issues like diabetic, kidney problems, anemia etc. So it is important to adopt healthy life style with healthy diet and Yoga.

Improve fitness in all levels physical, mental and spiritual, so that you can confidently donate food.

How you can support Organ donation:

  • Create awareness in your family. be yourself familiar. Keep Manavata helpline chart on your wall.
  • If any deaths in your area, inform us immediately to or NOTTO 24×7 helpline no. is 1800-11-4770 or contact Manavata helpline 9966673111

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