Child care: Orphanage projectOne primary and most important issue of current world is to save and empower children. Manavata has been working   to serve as many needy children as possible. As we see in the society many children are suffering in our society. Though there are government and very few genuine voluntary organizations/NGOs trying to help, many children are not getting proper care  and empowerment. Hence Manavata has taken up challenges to help children with different issues like orphans and disabled. Trying to reach poorest of the poor.

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Children who have lost one or both parents as a result of the crises caused by human activities or natural reasons, and are hence left vulnerable and exposed, are defenceless in the face of any kind of abuse. Human trafficking, child soldiers, child labour, organ mafia, prostitution and beggar rings are but a few of the hazards faced by the orphans. For instance, in the period 1987-2007, 1 million children were kidnapped by the organ mafia

Children whose parents are alive, but are unable to provide the required support, are also considered orphans, according to UNICEF’s definition. Such children include those abandoned or neglected by one or both parents. They are forced into labour which has a negative impact on their physical and psychological development, and are left exposed to hazards such as substance abuse and organ mafia.



Identify children, providing quality education, health care and parental care with necessary boarding and lodging.

Manavata has created self-sustainable model and established Ashramas to accommodate kids and empower.

Manavata work so far and Achievements:

So far 250 kids got settled in their career with complete empowerment, good health and good character.

Manavata has establishes ashrams in different locations based on need to provide timely support. some of them handed over to local bodies to continue the service after few years of building the success in each location.

Current facilities in Manavata Ashram

Manavata Vision :

Manavata Vision is to empower every kid with necessary value education which can make them responsible humane with self-respect, self-reliance, self-confidence and with self-discipline.

Manavata Plans for 2020:

This year we would like to expand our service to much bigger scale to support atleast 200 to 400 kids in each centre.

With gurukul system of education.

Where we are:

Necessary background work and ground work is ready. While we are running current ashram with good facilities, we have procured necessary land, producing organic food, 2 goshalas producing milk, etc.

Now create in house school facilities and establish necessary human resources.

Volunteers Leadership Needed:

To lead these projects and establishment, we are seeking help from volunteers who can give their time and skills.


CAPEX School facilities: 50 lacs

OPEX: running cast: 25 lacs to 50 lacs per annum

Human Resources:

We need managers, admins, teachers, care takers / coordinators / warden, in-house yoga teacher etc. (please let us know if anyone interested)