Our Natural Organic Farming paddy cultivation in Lolla village.

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The organic farming process is more eco-friendly than conventional farming. It keeps soil healthy and maintains environment integrity thereby, promoting the health of consumers.Organic farming and food processing practices are wide-ranging and necessitate the development of socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable food production system.the demand for organically grown foods has increased during the last decades due to their probable health benefits and food safety concerns. has been followed from ancient times in India in natural way. It is a unique method which is primarily aimed at use of only natural resources for cultivation. Supply of nutrients to crops are naturally done for increased sustainable production in a healthy environment without any outside intervention. But in recent times some organic products and bio-fertilizers also used in limited quantities based on necessary.

Our Natural Organic Farming paddy cultivation in Lolla village.. today we are sowing (Natlu).
after spreading leaves kashayam.In natural farming, weed control is easy by spreading saffron after the crop is harvested and sowing nuts after 3 to 6 days of harvest. Farmers should take note of this and adopt nature farming. May you live healthy and provide toxic free food to all. Save the earth. Only then you can become a true breadwinner.If you want to learn nature agriculture contact Manvata Vishwa Vidyalayam helpline 9966673111 or visit https://manavata.org/


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