PDP in Kottakota Mandal

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Manavata Personality Development programs, led by the Founder President of Manavata, Srinivas ji, have made a significant impact on several government schools in Kottakota Mandal. Schools such as Natavalli MPUP, Ramakrishna puram MPUP, and Pamapuram High School have witnessed a remarkable transformation in their students. These programs have not only motivated and inspired the students but have also contributed to their academic, personal, and social development.
The workshops conducted by Srinivas ji cover a wide range of essential topics aimed at holistic development. Some of the key areas addressed include life goals, health, yoga, meditation, human excellence, concentration, and time management. These workshops have been attended by teachers, students, and parents alike, creating a positive and nurturing environment for growth and self-improvement.

Srinivas ji’s commitment to supporting students in their studies and overall development is commendable. As a testament to this commitment, he has appointed a dedicated Manavata teacher to conduct regular sessions in these schools. Furthermore, an innovative plan has been put in place to encourage collaboration among students for mutual development. All students are encouraged to devote one hour each in the morning and evening to focused study, beginning and ending their study sessions with 5 minutes of meditation. Additionally, Srinivas ji has generously offered daily 6 am yoga sessions for all students. He firmly believes that genuine education goes beyond academics and emphasizes character building, humility, humanity, values, and good conduct.
Srinivas ji’s tireless efforts are making a profound impact on the lives of these students, shaping them into well-rounded individuals with a strong sense of purpose and values. Manavata’s dedication to nurturing the next generation is truly inspiring.
HM & Teachers of these schools felt so happy as students became much calmer and disciplined after this workshop. they have requested to have regular Manavata Samskara vidya programs in their schools as all students are from poor families.

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