PDP Session in Govt. Junior College, Mahabubnagar.

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On 16.08.2017 Manavata personality development workshop in Govt. Junior College, Mahaboobnagar. Every student promised that they will surely spend time to serve the society without any selfishness. The session was conducted by Mr.Srinivas Alluri who also gave examples of her personal life related to goal setting and achieving them.20989168_10212369324261934_2911587277393480785_o.jpg 20953788_10212369324301935_837268832021285920_n.jpgBasic principles explained in session were well taken, students were well responded with inspiration. They were also asked to write down any obstacles that they might have to face while working towards those goals. Obstacles can either be internal like anxiety or external factors like parental or peer pressure. Srinivas Alluri emphasized the importance of having clarity while setting goals. Also, one must be determined and prepared to make sacrifices in order to achieve the goals. Overall, it was an effective session. The feedback of the students was very positive and the students gained a lot of insights about how to set and achieve goals.

Ravi garu, Raj mallesh garu and other wonderful volunteers participated.

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