The program aims at achieving the following using Group Education technique, which facilitates learning from each other in children in a competitive and positive environment. It is not like formal class room training and is mostly organized through group events and interactions in structured approach with enough freedom for children to feel comfortable.

Main Programs included in samskara Vidya:

Yoga and Meditation

Personality Building

Leadership Program

Main aspects of development include:

  • Physical Development

  • Mental Development

  • Social Development

  • Emotional Development and

  • Spiritual Development

Course Content:

Physical Development:

Yoga, loosening exercises, Surya Namaskaras, Healthy habits, Nutrition, physical work, Self-defence.

Mental and Emotional Development:

Krida Yoga/ Memory games, Vedic Maths, Personality Development, Role play, Field Trip, Plantation.

Intellectual Development:

Meditation, Self-study, reading and understanding right knowledge, Fun with Science.

Social Development:

Living with Honesty, Responsibility, Leadership, Moral Storytelling, Healthy Food Habits.

Spiritual Development:

Gita, Yoga Sutras, devotion, Advanced meditation techniques.

Special Classes:

Art & Craft, Drawing, Music.

Practical Learning:

MAHE allows child to learn and practice values in more practical approach through Yogasanas.


Veerasana and visualizing like a king and developing quality of thinking always to help others, giving and sharing. But not expecting or begging anything from anyone.

  • Laxmanasana: allows child to be alert all the time and work for the right cause like serving parents, elders etc and helps them to get rid of laziness and lethargy.
  • Hanuman Asana: allows child to gain boldness, power, confidence and leaving fear.
  • Veerasana and visualizing like a king and developing quality of thinking always to help others, giving and sharing. But not expecting or begging anything from anyone.
  • Vriskhasana: teaches the focus, balance and stability.
  • Suryanamaskara: teachers sense of responsibility, gratitude to pay back and importance of environment.
  • Vajrasana: teaches them be strong like diamond and helps them to gain fitness.

Every Student must follow a certain discipline to gain true knowledge with self-discipline, self-reliance, self-respect, self-control and self-confidence.

1)Sadhana: Regular Yoga Sadhana (along with Yama Niyamas and dhyana)

2)Seva: Regular self-less service

3)Swadyaya: Seek Right knowledge


Ability, knowledge and skill are important for each individual, but values we follow in our day to day life matters. Every action and behavior is much more important. They are

– Not committing any harm to others

– Serving others without any expectations

– Honesty


“Self-discipline is following proper routine including early start of the day, making plans, healthy food at right times, proper sleep, writing dairy, punctuality, being responsible.


Self-control is control of mind (thoughts and emotions) and control of senses (see 3 monkeys). Unless one controls temptations of senses it is impossible to become great. (temptations from senses tongue, eye, ear, skin and smell to be under control with conscious effort and regular practice)


Every MAHE student must take pledge to follow following basic values in day to day life:

Honesty, non-violence, non-stealing, non-receiving or not expecting any free gifts from anyone, kindness, goodness, self-lessness = work or surrendering self for the welfare of all beings.

These simple actions lead towards building Happy Family

Health Practice module:

As part of 3H mission, Manavata has structured workable model for children to adopt quickly and easily in a step by step manner.

This syllabus as part of  levels of Samskara Vidya covers holistic health in step by step approach.

However, parents and teachers also need to learn and pickup these key actions time to time to support positive change in children.

 Parent and Teacher Actions:

This includes:

  • Hygiene and cleanliness (both internal and external)
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition: Healthy food
  • Time: Ideal daily schedule

Basic Health Principles:

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

Oxygen: Exposure to fresh air and sunlight. Keep your nostrils clear at all times with regular practice of Pranayama and Jalanethi

Hygiene: Keep environment clean in body, mind and at home.

  • Water: Drink 3 to 5 litres of water a day


  • Eat to live but not live to eat!
  • Eat Healthy, timely and in limited quantities

Choose wholemeal foods

  • Make majority of your food with fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Observe 1 day or ½ day a week spiritual planned fasting
  • Exercise: Spare an hour to practice Yoga and meditation for a sound mind in sound body

Key Actions to start Healthy Life style:

Make your mind for positive change and be with positive thinking Drink plenty of water Keep nostrils clean all the time to supply good oxygen and sunlight. Eat Healthy and more fresh food and avoid junk Observe fasting 1 day a week with spiritual discipline Help some-one and be part of self-less service regularly Spare an hour for Yoga and Meditation every day & practice with dedication Be eco-friendly, live simple and natural to control mind:

Abhyasa and Vairagya (Gita):

Mind can be controlled only with constant practice of yoga and un-attachment!

  • Be Self-aware: leave fear of death or illness
  • Be Self-conscious: know that body is only your vehicle
  • Be Self-controlled: Control your breath and control yourself
  • Be Self-disciplined: meditate in silence
  • Be Self-less: do your best to help others

Handling emotions:

Key Principles of Success:

  • Purity, patience and perseverance
  • Be Honest
  • No Greed
  • Practice Tolerance and Love
  • No Hatred
  • Contentment
  • No Jealousy
  • Live with Humanity
  • No Anger
  • Be self-controlled
  • No Lust
  • Balance Life and Nature
  • Practice non-violence
  • Use little and Give more: Live Simple

One must win over 6 threats/Enemies in order to achieve true happiness: Those are Lust /selfish desires, Anger, Greed, temptation, Pride and Jealous.

Environment Activities:

Following activities to be taken up by every MAHE student with their own activities like posters preparation, posting at their home, school and spread the word. Most importantly children should become example by practicing these principles in day to day life, which could inspire many people.

  • Save Environment = Take care every day
  • Plant More
  • Cycle to Work
  • Avoid Plastics
  • Conserve Water

 Guru: need of Teacher:

MAHE believes that “true education comes only a real Guru who is inspirational teacher and true practitioner of values for life and who can cultivate minds of students to bring right conduct, right knowledge and human excellence in each child at their highest possibilities and best potential!”

A good teacher can’t be replaced by millions of computers!

Woman is the nucleus of Indian culture. She plays various roles such as mother, daughter, sister, wife, etc and in each role she plays, lies the welfare of the nation. Mother is regarded as the first Guru of the child. Next is educating teacher.

Most importantly teacher should become example by practicing these principles in your day to day life, so as to make him a responsible citizen. And at child education level, there must be some practical gurus or teachers for every school and every village. We need not wait to shift all the education system to gurukula system. We have to work transformation by making one teacher in every school with appropriate training for right person in existing teacher community.

One must win over 6 threats/Enemies in order to achieve true happiness: Those are Lust /selfish desires, Anger, Greed, temptation, Pride and Jealous.

MAHE Teachers Training:

Qualities of teacher:
  • Completeness of Knowledge: well verse with subject
  • Practical Experience: Realization of true knowledge
  • Being a true practitioner: Practice before preach
  • Ideal & living with principles and righteousness
  • Ability to present it with complete clarity
  • Patience, proper understanding and ability to guide each student to achieve their heist potential based on their skill and interest.

Teacher plays very crucial role in bringing such a true education to every child. So, teacher must go through following to make themselves as great inspirational teachers with good health, right practices, right knowledge and right livelihood.

  • Yoga & Meditation, Leadership, team work, time management, healthy living
  • Teaching techniques, creative teaching methods & innovation
  • Generate interest and curiosity to student before every session with great introduction about topic / subject
  • How to keep up enthusiasm, continuous learning and Inspiration?
  • How to gain and maintain complete knowledge and clarity of mind?
  • Way to give best examples or story to help student to understand and correlate subject with real life.
  • How to make children happy with something new & innovative in every class?
  • Be practical and practice before you preach
  • Step by step instructions
  • Use experiments / demos and activities
  • Give opportunity to students to teach or explain or make them teams/pairs to teach each other.

It is time for all of us to focus & work on overall wellbeing-ness and sustainability.