Raithu Bhoomi: Scheme for Natural farming

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Dear Farmer brothers and sisters, (ప్రియమైన రైతు సోదరులకు)

రైతు భూమి స్కీం కొరకు దరఖాస్తులకు ఆహ్వానం!

రైతును రాజును చెయ్యాలని, రైతు ఆత్మహత్యలను పూర్తిక ఆపాలని మానవతా చేస్తున్న ప్రయత్నాలలో భాగంగా: మీరు విషరహిత ఆహారాన్ని పండించు కొనేందుకు, నష్టాలకు గురికాకుండా అధిక లాభాలతో వ్యవసాయం చేసుకొనేందుకు, ప్రకృతి వ్యవసాయం అన్ని సదుపాయాలతో ఉన్న భూమి 4 నెలలపాటు ఉచితంగా ఒక పంట పండించుకొనే వరకూ శిక్షణ మానవతా విశ్వవిద్యాలయం ఏర్పాటు చేసింది!

Raithu Bhoomi: To make farmer as a king and to prevent farmer suicides, Manavata has launched a new scheme for farmers who would like to learn and practice natural farming this year to empower more formers this year and to help them in smooth transition from chemical farming to Natural farming. Rathu Bhoomi /Natural land allocated 1 to 2 acres to each farmer with all necessary facilities including water, desi cows, cow dung, cow urine collection etc.  

Manavata has been conducting several workshops and trainings in villages for farmers on Natural farming / ZBNF. So far many formers reluctant to adopt the change.. only 5 to 10% of our trained farmers are able to practice natural farming now. 

Major issue is they are feeling crop insecurity, lack of practical experience to move out from chemical farming. So it is important to take them step by step approach for entire crop, so that they can gain complete knowledge and experience.  

To make the bigger impact, to help many poor and small farmers to gain confidence without loosing their income while learning also. This scheme make every farmer practically ready with complete experience for the cycle of crop. For those eligible farmers, Manavata allocates 1 or 2 acres of land for each farmer within UFH campus with all necessary facilities (water, cows/goshala etc). they can grow any crop with natural / ZBNF methods and learn while doing it. we will take upto 10 farmers this year. Farmers can grow anything in this land for free and take their crop.

The scheme allows them to learn continous farming with multi cropping and intercropping, natural methods of best yielding crop combinations,  ZBNF methods, integrated farming techniques, suitability, understanding biodiversity and self-sustainable land fertility etc.

Support to Children of Poor farmers and farmers who have committed suicide:

Manavata takes them to its ashram to give them right education and empower them free of cost. We will provide work to such family members.

Information and support:

Manavata helps natural farmers to get right seeds, equipment and necessary arrangements for their farm.

Farmer leaders:

Those farmers who wants to promote natural farming in their village can take leadership. Manavata can help in setting regional training workshops / regular trainings.

Marketing support and cooperative:

Natural farmers major issue is to market their products in proper price. Manavata helps them to get into Farmers association / cooperative to sell their products, Consumer / farmer network building, train farmers to direct supply to consumers

Contact us:

Those who are interested to apply this scheme can contact directly on our helpline: 9966673111 or email to info@manavata.org

Further details:

Location: Manavata UFH, Kothakota,Wanaparthy district

Scheme application start date: 10th Feb 2018

Apply before: 28th Feb 2018

Accommodation is provided for selected farmers

How many crops: Initially for one crop cycle 3 to 4 months, but multiple crops with intercrop techniques. Later based on need, next crop cycle also will be extended.

Desi seeds, cow dung, cow urine will be arranged.

Suitable crops in the campus: Millets, vegetables,  beans, groundnut, medicinal plant cultivation

Eligibility: Low income group farmers, poor farming labour who is already practicing farming in leased land, Must be interested to learn and practice natural farming.

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