Join Sadhana Day for Universal Peace

Take a break! Make a real Holiday! Spare a Day with Yourself!

This Sunday: Join Ekadashi full day Sadhana! Let us do it together to bring peace in all.

  • Inward journey & be with inner self (disconnect from material world)
  • Noble silence (no mobile electronic devices and no interactions)
  • Fasting (can take liquids)
  • Sadhana: Kriyas, Pranayamas and Meditation (full day)
  • Penance: following strict discipline, truth & non-violence along with self-observation


  • Brings complete peace & improve holistic health
  • Removes deep rooted conflicts, fears and arishavargas
  • Helps to contemplate and realize power of silence, improve your spiritual power and absorb into self
  • Helps to improve your focus and over discipline

Let's Meditate Together

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