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Ekadashi fasting is observed on every 11th Tithi in Hindu calendar. There are two Ekadashi fasting in a month, one during Shukla Paksha and another during Krishna Paksha.

Ekadashi fasting spans for three days. Devotees take single meal in the afternoon a day before fasting day to make sure there is no residual food in the stomach on next day. Devotees keep strict fast on Ekadashi day and break the fast on next day only after sunrise. Eating of all type of grains and cereals is prohibited during Ekadashi fasting.

Devotees can choose to observe fasting without water, with only water, with only fruits, with one time latex food according to their will and body power. However it should be decided before starting the fast.


Rise early, take a bath and wear fresh clothes


  • Do Dhyana (meditation)
  • One must maintain celibacy while fasting


  • Love all & Serve all beings.
  • Reach out to the poor and needy, donate food, water or other essentials as much as you can.
  • Do good deeds


  • Study of scriptures like Gita & start inward journey to find yourself.

Join Ekadashi full day Sadhana! Let us do it together to bring peace in all.

  • Inward journey & be with inner self (disconnect from material world)
  • Noble silence (no mobile electronic devices and no interactions)
  • Fasting (can take liquids)
  • Sadhana: Kriyas, Pranayamas and Meditation (full day)
  • Penance: following strict discipline, truth & non-violence along with self-observation


  • Brings complete peace & improve holistic health
  • Removes deep rooted conflicts, fears and arishavargas
  • Helps to contemplate and realize power of silence, improve your spiritual power and absorb into self
  • Helps to improve your focus and over discipline

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