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It’s wonderful to hear about the positive impact of the meditation and motivation session led by Srinivasa Alluri at Mamidada Govt ZP High School. The key points taught by Srini ji emphasize valuable life lessons and habits that can contribute to the holistic development of students. Here’s a summary of the key takeaways:
Self-Confidence through Self-Reliance: Emphasizing the importance of hard work and focus rather than resorting to dishonest practices like cheating or copying during exams. The message is to build confidence through personal effort and integrity.
Self-Reliance Leads to Self-Respect: Highlighting the connection between self-reliance and self-respect, encouraging students to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions.
Selfless Service for Highest Happiness and Respect: Introducing the concept of selfless service as a path to experiencing profound happiness and gaining respect from others.
Yoga Sadhana for Self-Control: Recognizing the significance of yoga sadhana (practice) in developing self-control, a crucial aspect for achieving success in various areas of life.
Self-Discipline in Yoga/Meditation Practice: Emphasizing the importance of self-discipline to cultivate the habit of practicing yoga and meditation regularly. The advice to feed the mind before the body encourages prioritizing mental well-being.
Practical Techniques Taught: Offering practical techniques and hands-on sessions to teach students important yoga and meditation practices, providing them with tools for ongoing self-improvement.
It’s heartening to know that both teachers and students felt motivated and happy after the workshop. Programs like these contribute significantly to the overall well-being and personal growth of individuals. Srinivas Thammana, school teachers, and local volunteers also played a crucial role in making this event a success by participating and supporting the students. Such initiatives create a positive and nurturing environment for learning and personal development.

Samskara vidya at MPUP School

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