Samskara vidya program in kasturiba school pebbair

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Today’s health & medical camp in Kasturiba Gandhi girls residential school Pebbair by Srinivasa Alluri and his team. Dr. Satyanarayana garu, Dr. Madhuri garu for helping over phone for some of critical issues for these kids.. many orphans and semi orphan kids are there in this government hostel. suffering from malnutrition and many health issues.. almost 100 students took treatment today.

Srini ji conducted 1 hour 30 minutes Yoga & Healthy living workshop for all students in this school in the pleasent atmospher in the ground.. he has also initiated Meditation for them with detailed training. Good thing is they have been continuing Yoga regularly from past 2 years after few initial training sessions by Srini sir in this school..

Therapeutic Yoga has been covered to cure& prevent their health problems.distributed Manavata note books to orphans and semi-orphans.. we also need to supply some nutrition food powders like moriga, sesame etc.

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