Spirituality Boot Camp

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Today’s program is very successful. lab is inaugurated after prayers, Hanuman chalisa, Vishnu Sahasranama by Karnataka students and our gurukul students..
Natural farming, science behind goumatha, jeevamrutham, nature explained to all participants.. some of the farmers showed interest to shift to Natural farming.Mukund got some of the equipment from US for Manavata gurukul science lab.. like telescope.. children felt so happy.. So far we have got most important items for lab including soil test kit, health test kits..

today we also had medical service, which served some patients.

Srini had got some equipment from London earlier.. all together made this science lab well. Srini has given an inspirational talk, about purpose of this life and how we should work with dedication towards protecting dharma.. goal of Manavata University / gurukul is to build life skills and values along with honest leadership development. This helps to protect humanity for future generations.
He appreciated, Mukund, Ramesh, Sunil, Prakash, Pardha, Venkatesh and other volunteers who are wholeheartedly helping for Manavata UFH program

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