State level Yoga competitions inauguration program in rayavaram govt high school

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State level Yoga competitions inauguration program this morning in SR ZP High school, Rayavaram, Konaseema dt. 700 students from all districts, 550 school students participated in inaugural program event with Yoga sadhana.
Founder President of Manavata Sri Alluri Srinivas garu lead this Yoga session. Everyone felt oneness, harmony & peace after his sessioin with Suryanamaskaras, Asanas & meditation.
Yogah Karmashu Koushalam.. doing our duty excellently for protection of dharma.
Schools children performed also preformed cultural events, vinyasa Yoga & Gita chanting which inspired everyone.

SR ZP High school team, teachers and students worked very well along with PET Sri Appareddy garu & HM Sri Srinivasa reddy garu. Manavata volunteers from different locations participated in this event.

Guest of honor participated in this event are:
Dr. GSN Reddy garu (Chairman Chanakya), MSN Murty garu (Director VSM), ZPTC, MPTC, state School sports authority commissioner and others.

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