Swami Sitikantananda Ji’s recent visit to UFH

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Swami Sitikantananda Ji’s recent visit to Manavata UFH was truly inspiring. He has appreciated Srinivas garu for this remarkable work to build this campus. on the remarkable purity of the air and the dedicated tapas, or spiritual discipline, that has gone into nurturing the abundant trees and Gomathas (sacred cows) through natural and organic methods. He described the campus as a haven for holistic health and authentic education, emphasizing that the future of our planet and our sustenance depends on these sustainable practices. He has explained to all participants about how non-vegetarian food is impacting human health and earth sustainability. He asked everyone to practice non-violence and protect goumathas and all other beings as it is real humanity (Manavata).

At the heart of Manavata’s mission are its core activities, including Value Education (Samskara Vidya), the nurturing of Goshala (cow shelter), empowering youth through skill training in organic farming, promoting yoga, healthcare, and fostering sustainable living practices. Swami Sitikantananda Ji urged the youth to explore career opportunities as social entrepreneurs, recognizing the immense potential in these endeavors.

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