A Constable Reclaims his Life after 2 Years

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A Constable from Ananthapuram after an accident, became emotionally weak for 2 years. He felt no respect from his family, he started underperforming at work, he was depressed and had tried to commit suicide. Moreover, he could not bear comments from his wife as she was deceiving him regularly.

His concerned DSP called Manavata Helpline to help him. Dr. Seshaih and Founder Srinivas Alluri through meditation, diet change, homeopathic medication and daily counselling, taught the constable to control his addiction and change his mental state.

Constable feels better and realized his behavioiur was hurting him and others. He began to treat his wife better. This is yet another life is saved by Manavata.
The DSP thanked Manavata for saving a life and changing behavior in Constable.