Manavata awareness program on Humanity/ Manaviya in CMS college Kottayam

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Today’s Manavata awareness program on Humanity/ Manaviya in CMS college Kottayam, Kerala, very well organized by Mr. K. M. Vargies ji (Social justice). Chief guest Mr. Srinivasa Alluri, Founder of Manavata. Other guest speakers including film director Mr. Jyosh Thomas, actor Mr. Soma Thomas, actress Ms. Harshini
Manavata Kerala Volunteers Mr. Anish, Mrs. Leena Thomas cooperated for the program.
Local volunteer helped to translate Srini ji’s message in Malayalam. 500+ students, parents & teachers attended for this meeting.. got very good motivation.
Srini has asked everyone to take responsibility to save mother earth by living simple and healthy. “No Factory foods & only Form foods”
Be kind to all the creatures including plants, birds, insects and animals. Love is God.. Love all, Serve all.

Srini called everyone to take action to change life style with simple change: Humanity is our identity: Do not discriminate people with race, religion, caste, creed or anything.. we all one.. please practice universal brotherhood.
When Srini asked to raise the hands who are not using junk foods, only few hands raised. he explained about danger of addiction and solution to leave those addictions by quoting Gita message “Ragadvesha Viyuktaistue Vishayanidriyicheran * ”
by doing Sadhana one can get ride of cravings and aversions.
Then all participants motivated to give up their junk foods from today & be kind to all beings.. one of the teachers came forward and made a oath.
If you can win your senses, you can win anything life.. but if become slave to your senses, you will loose your health and life.

Purpose of life:
Then Srini asked everyone to question about their purpose or goal of life:
Paropakarardham Midam Sareeram: this body is to serve others. so know the value of life and make use of life for a great purpose.
Srini quoted Vivekananda’s message:
“They alone live who live for others, rest all dead than alive”
be alive all the time, by helping others. see around your and see what best can be done.
Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu

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