Triumph of Devotion

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“Today, we joyously observed a trifecta of auspicious occasions at the Manavata Ashram in Lolla Village—Gita Jayanti, Mukkoti Ekadashi, and the annual ceremony honoring our beloved Mother. The sanctity of the day was elevated through collective prayers and seva activities. As we joined hands in reverence, our hearts resonated with spiritual energy, creating an atmosphere of divine grace and unity. The sacred blend of Gita Jayanti, Mukkoti Ekadashi, and the Mother’s annual ceremony infused our puja with profound significance. Grateful for the opportunity to partake in this spiritual journey at the Manavata Ashram, we feel blessed to share these moments of devotion and service with our fellow seekers. May the positive vibrations generated today continue to inspire and uplift us on our path towards spiritual growth.”

Great to have Dr. Ramareddy garu at Manavata Ashram (Lolla) today for Gita Jayanthi celebration. His presence and his message has inspired everyone in today’s event. He has very well explained about importance of Gita and about Astanga Yoga including Panchakoshas. He shared his experience with current mental problems and root cause of those problems at manomaya kosha.

Dr. GSN Reddy garu explained about his greatness. later we all could have privilege to felicitate him.

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