We must focus on positive change now

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thousands of years, human beings have spent most of the time and effort to fight for boundaries, divisions, wars, to define laws of community living based on their likes and dislikes etc. In this process most of the people and nations have missed the natural laws and forgotten equality and principles of humanity. People became more narrow minded and selfish which has been causing several problems. Every time man has learnt same old lesson and enlightened great incarnations such as Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Adi Shankara and Mahmood have given us path of human living to put us back in track. But still human spent all life to learn same truth again and again. In recent time, we have seen great saints like Swami Vivekananda who have inspired many people towards humanity and to live without selfishness.

But now this problem gone beyond and human domination making many creatures to disappear from the earth ever before! So it is time for us to act and make a difference!

All I am interested is, to make this world better place to live. It needs committed volunteers who can sacrifice their desires and dedicate time for serving others who are in need and sacrifice their habits to protect mother nature and to make every child more responsible and self-less.

People are interested in making money and creating more material wealth with their selfish mottos, it is a never ending story.. countries interested in their indexes and GDP.. so in all levels material competition, which is creating selfishness.

I can see more people talking good things, but I could find very few people who are really living upto their words.. hypocrisy is big problem in this world. Be the change that you want to see the change! Be practical!

Let us bring this change with our practical approach of education in UFH and most importantly let us all be the change start from each one of us and from our family. (Practice before preach). Let us work with unity with one goal for humanity.

Case Note:

Recently I have again seen many patients are getting cheated by hospitals, unnecessarily they are suggesting surgeries for innocent people and making lives much worse than health problem. This is not ethical or skilfulness.. it is happening in two ways, one is because of ignorance or lack of proper right experience and secondly due to money minded doctors/hospitals.

Proper ethics must be followed by doctors, teachers and farmers in the first level of the society, so that world get better services properly (Food, education and health).

Doctors must do:

  • Root cause analysis before giving treatment
  • Treat patient not just disease
  • Give medicine to root cause not for symptoms
  • Work on prevention: educate people before they become ill​

In recent hearing aid camp, they have suggested surgery which costs 15 lacs for a 4 year old kid.. they have not helped kid with right methods before this. When I was talking to some of the families, most of the kids came have got similar kind of suggestions from hospitals.. but these poor families couldn’t afford to go thru expensive surgeries.

You might have recently noticed 4 months baby’s case from Vizag who came for help for her treatment.. For simple milk allergy, hospital made them to stay in ICU for many months and charged heavy fee.. after proper assessment and questing to hospital, they have finally discharged kid in 2 weeks after we have taken up case.

Earlier many cases happened like this, patients who have got life threat warning from corporate hospitals finally came to Manavata health centre.. we did root cause analysis and their health became normal with couple of weeks of our treatment (homeopathy medicine, food control, healthy habits).

So key thing is to remove the ignorance and fear from people and helping them to get confidence and right knowledge.

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