Youth Day: Worshop in MPUP School at Rayavaram

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Today’s Manavata Youth day program in MPP school in Lolla, Rayavaram Mandal. Swami Vivekananda’s inspiration helped children to take oath today to develop their own school and do seva.. today they all got initiated with meditation, as they are already practicing Yoga and suryanamaskaras.. from today they took commitment to do 12 suryanamaskaras and 15 minutes meditation practice everyday.  key student qualities: Pranipatha, Pariprasna, Seva they learnt now and inspired to attain knowledge. School teachers promised to take special individual attention to each student to help their holistic development. program went on well.. at the end we did prize distribution to winners of Yogathon, Seva and other programs. Munireddy, Satyanarayana, Varalaxmi Rakesh and other teachers participated along with me.

Teachers took commitment to make this as a model school with individual attention to each student and guide them in appropriately.  By practice of Yoga sadhana & meditation regularly in the morning, teachers can work with 90% more efficient and which inspires every student. 

Swami Vivekanada inspirational literature  books also distributed to study and share as part of school activities.

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