Youth Program at Kottakota Vivekananda College

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The Youth Program held at Kottakota Vivekananda College on Independence Day was a stirring platform for channeling the spirit of freedom and empowerment among the young minds of the nation. The session, led by Srini Manavata, delved into profound insights that redefine independence as self-reliance and the capacity to uplift others. The imperative role of today’s youth in addressing India’s critical challenges such as drug addiction, corruption, and farmers’ issues was highlighted as a key avenue to achieve real progress.

Key Points Explored in Srini Manavata’s Session:

Reimagining Independence: Self-reliance and Social Impact:

The session emphasized that true independence encompasses both individual self-reliance and the collective ability to contribute positively to society. It urged the youth to take on leadership roles in tackling pressing issues like drug addiction, corruption, and the challenges faced by our farmers.

Embracing Core Values Encapsulated in the National Flag:

The session elaborated on the significance of the 24 core values of India represented by the Ashok Dharma Chakra on the national flag. These values are a compass for ethical living and a guide to navigating life’s complexities with integrity and compassion.

Harnessing the Power of Mind and Self-discipline:

One of the pivotal messages shared was the importance of training the mind and mastering one’s senses. This can be achieved through daily practices of Sadhana (spiritual practice), Seva (selfless service), and Swadhyaya (self-study). These three pillars were underscored as crucial tools, especially for the youth, to navigate the challenging phases of adolescence and early adulthood.

Drawing Inspiration from Visionaries and Leaders:

The legacy of Swami Vivekananda served as a powerful catalyst for inspiring the youth towards greatness. The sacrifices and contributions of leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, and Bhagat Singh were highlighted, underscoring the collective responsibility to honor their sacrifices by fostering true independence and righteousness in the nation.


The Youth Program at Kottakota Vivekananda College ignited the spark of introspection and empowerment among the young attendees. Srini Manavata’s insights resonated deeply, urging the youth to embody self-reliance, lead by example, and address the nation’s most pressing issues. By internalizing the 24 core values and dedicating themselves to daily practices of Sadhana, Seva, and Swadhyaya, the youth were inspired to uphold the legacy of great leaders and contribute to a more independent and just India.

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