Youth Task Force

In light of the current global crisis resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak, Manavata, like minded NGOs & youth volunteers initiated a global “Youth Task Force (YTF)”, which is focusing all efforts on supporting the people & governments to control and combat COVID-19 pandemic. to bridge the gap and prevent spread of the disease, and to increasing the preparedness and capability to be able to effectively address issues surrounding COVID-19.

The task force has initially the following major objectives:

  1. Establishing Consortium of Youth Organizations (regional, national and international) to address COVID-19.
  2. Engaging Youth as Volunteers to spread awareness regarding the prevention of COVID-19 in local and sign languages.
  3. Motivating, Supporting and Helping people who are in Quarantine
  4. Supporting people who have no access to livelihood particularly Transgender, Widows, Orphans, Elder Citizens & Person with Disabilities (PWDs).
  5. Online educational and entertainment programs for kids/adults and elder citizens.
  6. Developing community-based guides and global campaigns to thwart the effects of stigma on people and the COVID-19 response.
  7. Covid-19 Youth Task Force – India Chapter is responsible for engaging youth in India.

Volunteers training, offer a course to build youth leaders and also health care expertise. Within the comfort of your Home you can –

🔹Boost your immunity
🔹Sharpen your intellect
🔹Unlock happiness
🔹 Increase efficiency
🔹 Handle your emotions
🔹Improve relations

As most of the places COVID is getting spread by some young person in massive scale with social gatherings, parties etc. we need to change this culture by youth themselves as volunteers.