Bangalore to Pondicherry Cycling for Humanity 2014

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8th Sep 2014:

Team has successfully completed cycling event.. many young volunteers also made it with an inspiration towards self-less cause. On the way we could spend time with personality development programs and other interactions with students, ignited thoughts towards humanity.

Thanks for making Bangalore to Pondicherry Cycling for humanity as marvelous with participation and good wishes.

Srini said, it is a great team work and appreciated all team efforts with cycling and other events as part of our Cycling for Humanity 2014. He requested each one of them to become more healthy (holistic) physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, “..keep spreading inspiration and Manavata consciousness to everyone around you with your positive transformation and consistent practice”. 

Here are some pictures:  

CFH Campaign: To get more understanding on purpose of our cycling and campaign, please have a look at this video and share with friends:

Learnings and Inspiration for team:

1. Arise! Awake! Stop not till goal is reached: Keep going till goal is reached with high inspiration, do not take breaks. Keep the mind focussed and go with happiness

2. To not take rest immediately after achieving a hill, use relaxed time to get ready for next hill iwth bit more faster cycling

3. Drink plenty of water, make sure urine color is like pure water (note: it becomes yellow if one is not drinking enough water). Give a pause of 20 minutes between drinking water and eating any food.

Srini’s barefoot cycling all the way along with only fresh fruit / veg eating without even one time cooked meal some days, has also proved that spiritual strength is much higher than physical strength.

Have a look at Health Tips and Yoga practice video link along with Ideal daily schedule  and 

Basically for 3H mission, we simplified campaign as Help yourselfHelp Environment and Help Others.. this happens through our simple life style and making more time for cause. ad(Hope you have got this from our 3H family handbook which I handed over to you.

Share Experiences: Pls share your experiences and comments in an email or in the event link: 

Srini thanked all members who have supported unconditionally for this cause.. Prasad and family for overall organization, Bhadram for cycles and fruits arrangements, Kapil Dave and Promod for pre-campaign, Prakash, Leena and Naresh for back ground support for arrangements of the camp, Anand, Ramakrishna, Manasa, Synergy team for their lovely participation and active volunteering, Naik ji for arranging premises for yoga camp and many more to say big thanks.

Memberships: It would be really helpful if you can take leadership and start integrating like minded people in Bangalore to work together for the cause. here is PDF you can print and fill or register online

Looking forward to work together with you for better tomorrow. all the best for your self-less leadership.

4th Sep 2014:

Manavata Bangalore chapter is organizing CFH 2014: Cycling for humanity 300KM cycle ride from Bangalore to Pondicherry. 

Join hands together for a self-less cause towards positive change! Every thought makes difference, let us put together all our positive thoughts and inspire every human to live with humanity with the practice of self-lessness in day to day life. 

Tiruvannamalai is an amazing place and spiritual center of Ramana Maharshi to visit, even if you don’t know cycling, you can join for 12km walk around Arunachalam on Sunday (7th Sep) evening. You will also have plenty of choices to take part in other charitable activities on the way, good way to connect with other Manavata volunteers and work together for self-less cause.

Dates: 6th Sep 2014 to 8th Sep 2014

Route: Bangalore to Pandicherry via Tiruvannamalai 

How to Join?

Register yourself in this link to confirm your presence:  

Ways of Participation: You can participate in Cycling or other charity events, which will be performed on the way, like taking personality development sessions in schools, health awareness sessions orplantation drives or doctors can do medical camps in villages etc.

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