Cure Problems in Holistic Approach

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Mr. Yadgiri, (Traffic constable) who called Manavata helpline 10 days ago with savior problem in his knee. he was very depressed and under stress due to family responsibilities with his 2 kids and unbearable pain. we immediately took action Dr. Suryaprakash garu verified report and suggested to go for immediate ligament correction. His knee surgery completed successfully today.Last 10 days counselling for his life style and keeping his BP and diabetes under control to get ready for surgery. Manavata Founder Sri Srinivasa Alluri garu counselling him and given him necessary confidence and yoga techniques. mainly healthy diet and Yoga/pranayama’s, Om Dhyana he was guiding patient regularly. He came out of depression and health condition is good. Power of Yoga and devotion only can save a person and cure problems in holistic approach.

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