Cycle for Humanity from Hyderabad to Tirupati (Day 7)

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Today Srini started cycling from Tallapaka/Rajempeta to Tirupati and reached Tirupati at 3:40p.m. Today Srini has tried to cover as many as sessions on the way but all governement schools were declared holidays from today due to DASARA festival.

Srini was meeting with ​​farmers in different villages and telling about natural farming to them. ​As this area’s farmers are doing lot of farming and growing pappaya, banana and many other crops, he enquired about their way of farming. Farmers are using chemical fertilizers for papayya and banana but not using pesticides. but other crops they are using pesticides also. if this area can be converted as natural farming, very useful to produce many fruits naturally.

Anantharajupet village is one of the farming hubs along with Agriculture university and horticulture research. So it surely possible, if this agri department and institutions takes initiatives.


Srini Managed whole day with fresh fruits as his food at farms, buying from farmers at their farms.


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Later Srini reached Koduru village and taken a PDP session for Sri Tulasi High School. Here Srini has taken an interactive session for an hour including practice of Meditations, Breathing exercises, Mantra Recitation and Pranayam that enhance concentration and memory and grasping power, were taught and practiced. Students showed more interest and they enjoyed the session. After the session many students came forward with confidence and expressed their will towards humanity.

Later Srini tried to take the session at Annamacharya Institute of Engineering College, Sri Rama Engineering College, SVS Engineering College, but all colleges were busy with their exams

Main promises taken up seriously by most of the students in these camps are: No food wastage, no time wastage and make best use of time for Seva and self-development activities. no gadgets and no tv/movies, eco-friendly birthdays, serving parents, sharing smile, knowledge and inspiration every day to all around, early to rise, eating healthy, regular yoga/meditation, protect nature, trees, no paper wastage, protect all the beings / following truth and non-violence as core values in their day to day life.​

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