Cycle shop in Hiroshima

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Cycling for humanity is going well.. this morning I have completed 30km (after yesterday’s 80km cycling, I had a good rest of 4 hours at Katsuma train station plat form (million star hotel of mother nature J ) it was great experience in the mountains sleeping outside, brought so much of energy.
On the way lots of learnings from Japan culture, agriculture, industry, nature etc. I will share more about exciting learnings soon. I just found a farmers fruit shop in a village had fresh fruits, able to connect to their wifi too.
Sastry garu, thanks for spouts, I can see the efficiency when we eat sprout breakfast and all your hospitality. practically speaking with the current terrain with this bicycle, traffic on this road, I have to slow.. and at the same time need to capture all the experiences before I forget. So let us keep Fukushima tomorrow. Are you happy to communicate to those appointments in both Fukushima to push it to tomorrow evening and Nagasaki to 1 day +?
Naveen, Ravi and brothers in Hiroshima, thanks for your kind hospitality and helping in getting cycle from recycle shop, it is really reliable.. good that we have selected with dynamo, helping night time cycling. Both racks are helping to carry luggage.. Japanese board helping to communicate message easy J
Brothers, Please spare some time to go through 3H family hand book and see how you can implement those for your family.
While I greatly appreciate your love and support for good cause.. and getting food for me, I would like bring some facts to your notice with my concern towards ignorance about your food and life style.. you 3 are already out of shape.. don’t get offended J and under stressful due to your improper life style.
You really have great hearts but your are spoiling yourself and wasting your valuable life. I hope you can forgive my rudeness in telling this and take it positive. Because as a brother I have to tell you this as high priority as it is my duty put things right.. it is not about personal preferences, but it is about purpose and efficiency of life.
Food you gave me yesterday, I intestinally tested it because I don’t want to your love and care. But when I had it, I could see it is very difficult to digest with such high levels of negative ingredients oil, salt and old tamarind in pulihora. Every after such a long cycling also, it is tough, you all had lunch with that, which can make you sick, lazy and drowsy.. that’s why I can feel that with your shapes. Now it is time for you to change.. come out of slavery of senses and master yourself with right practices. Thanks again for your kind support for the cause.

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