Nepal Relief activities Updates

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As per plan I have visited 3 villages on these Himalayan region near Charkot. Mr. Dinesh and Mr Birkha co-ordinated this with local volunteers well to make arrangements for our meetings / visits. As this is a hilly region, we went in a Jeep, it took long time due to rough roads on the high hilly regions. For each village we had to walk / climb several hills. We have managed to make local Manavata committees in two villages. We have walked around 20 km on these hills to visit just 3 villages as villages are spread across hills in large area.

Sunkhani village visit:
Historical 200 years old community hall damaged a lot and left unused after earth quake.. we had a villagers meet at this place and formed a local committee.. in this village there are some children / orphans also in need:


Village is spread across hills:


Sundrawati village meeting was very successful and very good response.. around 70 people attended including local teachers and farmers: nice brain storming session we had, as a long term, they formed a committee to take up / co-ordinate local activities here. Education projects may be useful, but committee will come back to us with more details soon.


School we have visited in Suspa Kshamawati is very first school in this district, the old main building is around 58 years old which has completely collapsed. School head teacher and staff welcomed us showed their big campus in which most of the buildings are collapsed.



Temporary class rooms arranged with tents:




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